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Scorcio di Ortigia dal Lungomare di Levante.

So happy you found us.

LAGHETTI is a small shop located in the beautiful island of Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse, Sicily.

Our style is basically simple and minimalist, but we like to play by adding statement pieces that break the rigor of this essential aspect. We always go in search of unique items created by local brands or from all over the world. We highly appreciate natural products and design devoted to a sustainable lifestyle. In line with this thought, we decided to add a vintage section to our store.

We do not believe in compulsive purchasing, instead we like to think that every item purchased is carefully chosen and loved for more than one season, according to a taste that is truly yours.

LAGHETTI ("small lakes" in Italian) are like those hidden and reserved places, silent and unknown small towns with many stories to tell, wonderful gems unique in their kind. 

What we take inspiration from are the colors of our island, the Mediterranean taste, the warm light of the white stone of which the southern cities are made, the simple pleasures of life, the smell of sea salt on the skin and that feeling of happy freedom that each of us carries after a summer holiday. 

Welcome to our store, we hope you can find a moment of relaxed pleasure by browsing through our items.